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作者:Jeon, Donggu , Lee, Wonchoel , Soh, Ho Young
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2019, Vol.814, pp.33-51
摘要:Male monstrilloid copepods belonging to the genus Caromiobenella Jeon, Lee & Soh, 2018 were collected from Chuja Island, Jeju, Korea, using a light trap. This paper describes a new species, Caromiobenella ohtsukai sp. n., based on the display of reduced, knob-like fifth legs on t...
作者:Jeong, Man-Ki , Soh, Ho Young , Suh, Hae-Lip
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2019, Vol.869, pp.1-18
摘要:Three undescribed species of Heteromastus Eisig, 1887 were collected from intertidal to sublittoral habitats in western and southern waters of Korea. Heteromastus namhaensis sp. nov. is distinguishable from other congeners by the presence of hemispheric notopodial lobes in the po...
作者:Soh, Ho Young , wi, Jin Hee
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2018, Vol.754, pp.141-155
摘要:Notomastus koreanus sp. n., collected from the sublittoral muddy bottom of Korean waters, is described as a new species. The Korean new species closely resembles N. torquatus Hutchings & Rainer, 1979 in the chaetal arrangement and the details of abdominal segments, but diffe...
作者:Moon, Seong Yong , Youn, Suk Hyun , Soh, Ho Young
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2014, Vol.456, pp.29-47
摘要:A new species of paracalanid calanoid copepod Parvocalanus leei sp. n., is described from specimens collected in shallow waters of Western Korea. The new species is closely similar to Parvocalanus arabiensis (Kesarkar & Anil, 2010), P. crassirostris (F. Dahl, 1894), P. latus...


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