作者:Simpson Stephen J , Sword Gregory A , Lo Nathan
来源:[J].Current Biology, 2011, Vol.21 (18), pp.R738-49PubMed
摘要:Polyphenism is the phenomenon where two or more distinct phenotypes are produced by the same genotype. Examples of polyphenism provide some of the most compelling systems for the study of epigenetics. Polyphenisms are a major reason for the success of the insects, allowing them t...
作者:Simpson Stephen J , Raubenheimer David ...
来源:[J].Trends in Ecology & Evolution(IF 15.389), 2009, Vol.25 (1), pp.53-60PubMed
摘要:Nutrient acquisition is a major context for ecological interactions among species but ecologists and nutritionists have developed theory in isolation from each other. Developments in agent-based modelling, state-space modelling of nutrition and multi-scale modelling of landscape ...
作者:Simpson Stephen J , Sword Gregory A
来源:[J].Current Biology(IF 9.494), 2008, Vol.18 (9), pp.R364-6PubMed
作者:Simpson Stephen J , Miller Gabriel A
来源:[J].Journal of Insect Physiology(IF 2.379), 2007, Vol.53 (9), pp.869-76PubMed
摘要:Desert locusts demonstrate pronounced density-dependent polyphenism: a complex suite of traits shifts over the lifetime of an individual in response to crowding or isolation. These changes also accumulate across generations through a maternal effect. Female desert locusts alter t...
作者:Simpson Stephen J , Raubenheimer David
来源:[J].Journals of Gerontology. Series A: Biological Sciences & Medical Sciences(IF 4.314), 2007, Vol.62 (7), pp.707-13PubMed
摘要:One of the most important findings in the field of the biology of aging has been the demonstration that modest dietary restriction extends life span in a wide range of taxonomically disparate organisms. There is currently a debate as to whether longevity is prolonged because of c...
作者:Simpson Stephen J , Travis John
来源:[J].Science, 2007, Vol.317 (5838), pp.611PubMed
作者:Simpson Stephen J , Sword Gregory A ...
摘要:Swarming and mass migration are spectacular and sometimes devastating features of the biology of various animal species. These phenomena are typically associated with actual or anticipated depletion of food resources after an increase in population density, but the mechanisms dri...
作者:... Wilson Kenneth , Behm Carolyn , Simpson Stephen J
来源:[J].International Journal for Parasitology, 2010, Vol.41 (1), pp.43-50PubMed
摘要:Explanations for the evolution of pathogen-induced fecundity reduction usually rely on a common principle: the trade-off between host longevity and reproduction. Recent advances in nutritional research have, however, challenged this assumption and shown that longevity and reprodu...
作者:... Sword Gregory A , Simpson Stephen J , Couzin Iain D
来源:[J].Proceedings. Biological sciences / The Royal Society, 2010, Vol.278 (1704), pp.356-63PubMed
摘要:In order to move effectively in unpredictable or heterogeneous environments animals must make appropriate decisions in response to internal and external cues. Identifying the link between these components remains a challenge for movement ecology and is important in understanding ...
作者:Le Couteur David G , Simpson Stephen J
来源:[J].Journals of Gerontology. Series A: Biological Sciences & Medical Sciences, 2010, Vol.66 (2), pp.179-82PubMed
摘要:In the past, it has been assumed that all the biological and medical changes that occur in old age are deleterious. It has therefore been concluded that treatment and prevention of such changes in old age should increase healthspan and delay death. However, accruing epidemiologic...


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