作者:Margaret Jay , Sheila Webber
来源:[J].Program: electronic library and information systems(IF 0.377), 2005, Vol.39 (1), pp.25-38Emerald
摘要:Purpose(#br) – Aims to investigate the impact of the internet on reference services in public libraries in England. (#br)Design/methodology/approach(#br) – A literature review provides the policy context for UK public library services and highlights developments in digital r...
作者:... Nigel Ford , Sheila Webber , Andrew Madden
来源:[J].Program: electronic library and information systems(IF 0.377), 2008, Vol.42 (4), pp.402-417Emerald
摘要:Purpose(#br) – This paper aims to encapsulate the main procedure and key findings of a qualitative research on end-users' interactions with web-based search tools in order to demonstrate how the concept of “information visibility” emerged and how an integrative model of...
作者:Sabina Gumulak , Sheila Webber
来源:[J].Aslib Proceedings: New Information Perspectives(IF 0.432), 2011, Vol.63 (2/3), pp.241-255Emerald
摘要:Purpose(#br) – This paper aims to identify what motivates young people to play video games, and the extent to which video games are perceived as facilitating learning and information literacy. (#br)Design/methodology/approach(#br) – The study adopted a qualitative approach, ...
作者:Kondwani Wella , Sheila Webber , Philippa Levy
来源:[J].Aslib Journal of Information Management, 2017, Vol.69 (3), pp.278-293Emerald
摘要:Purpose(#br)The purpose of this paper is to report on research that uncovered myths about HIV and AIDS held by serodiscordant couples in Malawi, and the sources of these myths. The paper reflects on how the myths affect serodiscordant couples’ engagement with HIV and AIDS in...
作者:Sheila Webber , Nigel Ford
来源:[J].Journal of Documentation, 2018, Vol.74 (4), pp.692-721Emerald
摘要:Purpose(#br)The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between preferred choice of school subject and student information behaviour (IB). (#br)Design/methodology/approach(#br)Mixed methods were employed. In all, 152 students, teachers and librarians partici...
作者:Stuart Boon , Bill Johnston , Sheila Webber
来源:[J].Journal of Documentation, 2007, Vol.63 (2), pp.204-228Emerald
摘要:Purpose(#br) – The purpose of this research is to identify UK English academics' conceptions of information literacy and compare those conceptions with current information literacy standards and frameworks. (#br)Design/methodology/approach(#br) – Three year AHRB-funded study...
作者:Maryam Nazari , Sheila Webber
来源:[J].Journal of Documentation, 2011, Vol.67 (2), pp.334-354Emerald
摘要:Purpose(#br) – The purpose of this paper is to report findings from an investigation into the conceptions and characteristics of geo/spatial information (GI) to demonstrate how exploring academics and students' conceptions of GI facilitated illumination of information litera...
作者:Bill Johnston , Sheila Webber
来源:[J].New Library World, 2004, Vol.105 (1/2), pp.12-20Emerald
摘要:This paper aims to identify potential roles for Library and Information Science (LIS) faculty in an information literate University (ILU). The authors note the pressures on universities for change, and the debates and issues arising from these pressures. They define Informat...


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