Duncker & Humblot
作者:Sara de Wit, , Arno Pascht, , Michaela Haug
来源:[J].Sociologus, 2018, Vol.68 (1), pp.1-20
摘要:In the prairies of Alberta, Canada, winters are cold, wood is scarce. This place is home to Native Americans – many of them are highly educated nowadays. One summer, a young Native American Chief, college-educated and incapable of reading the signs of Mother Nature, was aske...
作者:Sara de Wit
来源:[J].Sociologus, 2018, Vol.68 (1), pp.21-41
摘要:Moving beyond objectivist stances that for a long time have dominated the climate change research agenda, this paper explores an alternative ontology of adaptation. By tracing a travelling idea about ‘Adaptation to Climate Change’ (ACC) along multiple encounters and negotiat...


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