作者:Roger E Beaty , Paul Seli , Daniel L Schacter
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2019, Vol.27, pp.22-30Elsevier
摘要:Network neuroscience research is providing increasing specificity on the contribution of large-scale brain networks to creative cognition. Here, we summarize recent experimental work examining cognitive mechanisms of network interactions and correlational studies assessing n...
作者:Kieran CR Fox , Roger E Beaty
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2019, Vol.27, pp.123-130Elsevier
摘要:Creative thinking is understood via a dual-process model involving the generation of creative ideas followed by their subsequent evaluation and refinement. Creative products must also meet a dual-criterion definition requiring that they be both novel and useful. Mind-wanderi...


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