Bentham OA
作者:Roberta Biolcati , Giacomo Mancini
来源:[J].The Open Public Health Journal, 2018, Vol.11, pp.474-484Bentham
摘要:Introduction: So-called club drugs, psychoactive substances by definition related to rave and private parties culture, have a strong social impact in terms of health risks, especially for their spread among adolescents and young adults. In addition, polydrug use is a common ...
作者:Roberta Biolcati
来源:[J].The Open Psychology Journal, 2019, Vol.12, pp.155-168Bentham
摘要:Background: Self-esteem is a critical factor in online impression management strategies and could play a crucial role in explaining women’s selfie-posting behaviours. Previous works examining relationships between self-esteem and self-presentation on social media have yielde...


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