作者:... Sarah Lim , Rhia Catapano , Jongan Choi
来源:[J].Journal of Research in Personality, 2018Elsevier
摘要:Abstract(#br)Previous work suggests that two key predictors of success across a variety of domains are self-control and emotional well-being (EWB). In the current project, we explore the relative contributions of these two factors to success in two domains: academic and professio...
作者:Kathleen D Vohs , Jennifer L Aaker , Rhia Catapano
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.11-14Elsevier
摘要:People seek to spend time in positive experiences, enjoying and savoring. Yet there is no escaping negative experiences, from the mundane (e.g. arguing) to the massive (e.g. death of a child). Might negative experiences confer a hidden benefit to well-being? We propose that ...


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