作者:Rebecca N. Dudovitz MD, MS , Paul J. Chung MD, MS , Mitchell D. Wong MD, PhD
来源:[J].Journal of School Health(IF 1.495), 2017, Vol.87 (1), pp.12-20Wiley
摘要:ABSTRACT(#br)BACKGROUND(#br)Poor academic (eg, “I am a bad student”) and behavioral (eg, “I am a troublemaker”) self‐concepts are strongly linked to adolescent substance use. Social networks likely influence self‐concept. However, little is understood about the rol...
作者:Rebecca N. Dudovitz MD, MS , Jonathan E. Valiente MS ...
来源:[J].Journal of Public Health Dentistry(IF 1.209), 2018, Vol.78 (1), pp.9-16Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)Objectives(#br)Although dental decay is preventable, it remains the most common pediatric chronic disease. We describe a public health approach to implementing a scalable and sustainable school‐based oral health program for low‐income urban children.(#br)Methods...


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