作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (2), pp.64-65ProQuest
摘要:A few fainter points to the west also belong to the group, bringing the total number of stars visible through my 10x50 binoculars to 10. Listed on the Astronomical League's Deep-Sky Binocular Club target list, NGC 1662 impresses me as a small knot of faint stars embedded in a dim...
作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (7), pp.20ProQuest
摘要:While many view binoculars as stepping-stones on the way to a telescope, I see them as fine instruments in their own right. First and foremost is the Hercules Cluster, Ml3.
作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (5), pp.60-61ProQuest
摘要:While observers with telescopes spend most of spring hunting distant galaxies scattered among the season's stars, let's focus our binoculars on some of those stars themselves. While our friends strain to see faint galaxies through their telescopes, we can sit back and enjoy some ...
作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (10), pp.67ProQuest
摘要:The North America Nebula is a large expanse of glowing hydrogen gas mixed with opaque clouds of cosmic dust just 3° east of Deneb and 1° to the west of 4th-magnitude Xi (ξ) Cygni. Please send your suggestions to me at [...]next month, remember t...
作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (10), pp.58-65ProQuest
摘要:The 130 EDT also comes with a dual-speed 2.5" rotatable rack-and-pinion focuser; a 2", dielectrically coated star diagonal; and a white and black powder-coated aluminum tube. 2 ASTROPIXELS Maps of the eclipse path Next August's total solar eclipse is the first to cross the contig...
作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (9), pp.70ProQuest
摘要:Three stars - Vega, Deneb, and Altair - dominate the late summer sky and serve to frame our binocular universe both this month and next. Admittedly, its famous smoke-ring shape requires more magnification than most binoculars can muster, but even under suburban skies, I have seen...
作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (11), pp.68ProQuest
摘要:At that point, it will either explode as a supernova or expel its outer layers as a planetary nebula and the core will collapse into a rare neon-oxygen white dwarf. Binoculars show that this 6th-magnitude sun is accompanied by an 8th-magnitude companion separated by 39". Please c...
作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (12), pp.68ProQuest
摘要:[...]M31 and our Milky Way are on a collision course. Just as our distant ancestor Homo habilis lived in interesting times, so will our far future generations - though life on Earth may last only a billion years, until the water is gone due to the Sun's increasing radiation. Cont...
作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (12), pp.62-63ProQuest
摘要:Control and features Designed for telescopes weighing up to 33 pounds (15 kilograms), the AZ Mount Pro is a compact all-inone mount that features full computer control, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and something the company terms "level-and-go" technology for simplified se...
作者:Phil Harrington
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (12), pp.32-35ProQuest
摘要:[...]strewn across a velvety-black backdrop, is a king's ransom in stellar diamonds, rubies, and sapphires shining with sparkling, iridescent hues of blue, red, yellow, and orange. At 151 light-years away, the Hyades is one of the closest open star clusters to our solar system, w...


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