作者:Peter Névir , Klaus Stephan
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2011, Vol.20 (2), pp.165-172Schweizerbart
摘要:In April 2007, the German Weather Service (DWD) added the non-hydrostatic limited area model COSMODE to its model chain. COSMO-DE covers mainly Germany and bordering countries and has a horizontal resolution of 2.8 km (0.025°). An advantage of the COSMO-DE is that deep conve...
作者:Peter Né vir
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2004, Vol.13 (6), pp.485-498Schweizerbart
摘要:The various vorticity theorems of Ertel are related to a unique symmetry in the substantial or Lagrangian description of fluid mechanics. According to Noether's theorem, this is the particle relabelling symmetry (PRS), also called exchange symmetry. What is missing is a classific...
作者:Annette Müller , Peter Névir
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2019, Vol.28 (6), pp.487-498Schweizerbart
摘要:The present study investigates the phenomenon of atmospheric blocking using a cascade of Dynamic State Indices. The different DSI variants signalize model dependent aspects of atmospheric blockings, which allows for a scale-dependent analysis of the corresponding flow pattern. St...


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