作者:Tanyi Perpetua Lum , Pelser André , Okeibunor Joseph
来源:[J].SAHARA J : journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance, 2018, Vol.15 (1), pp.7-19PubMed
摘要:The burden of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) on the elderly population in three divisions within the Northwest Region of Cameroon was examined. Data for this paper were extracted from a larger study which had been condu...
作者:Tanyi Perpetua Lum , Pelser André
来源:[J].Gerontology & geriatrics education, 2018, pp.1-17PubMed
摘要:The rapid increase in the global elderly population has been widely documented in both demographic and popular literature in recent decades. Population estimates produced by the national statistical service of South Africa in 2017 show that the proportion of elderly (60 years and...


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