作者:Matthew W. Fields , Paul Sturman , Skip Anderson
来源:[J].Biofilm, 2020, Vol.2
摘要:Abstract(#br)The Center for Biofilm Engineering was the first center of excellence focused on biofilms and was originally funded through the Engineering Research Center Program from the U.S. National Science Foundation. After almost 30 years, biofilm continues to be a stand-alone...
作者:... Diane Walker , Paul Sturman , Joanna Heersink
来源:[J].Methods in Enzymology(IF 2.002), 1999, Vol.310, pp.608-628
摘要:Publisher Summary(#br)This chapter discusses the key issues in the development of new assays for biofilms and provides a prototype method for growing and evaluating biofilms in the laboratory. The chapter includes two case studies to demonstrate the application of this methodolog...


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