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作者:Mutlu Özcan , Luiz Felipe Valandro ...
来源:[J].The Journal of Adhesion(IF 0.857), 2013, Vol.89 (3), pp.159-173Taylor & Francis
摘要:This study assessed the effect of different etching durations of feldspathic ceramic with hydrofluoric acid (HF) and ultrasonic cleaning of the etched ceramic surface on the microtensile bond strength stability of resin to a feldspathic ceramic. The research hypotheses inves...
作者:Cumhur Sipahi , Mutlu Özcan , Bülent Piskin
来源:[J].The Journal of Adhesion(IF 0.857), 2012, Vol.88 (2), pp.200-212Taylor & Francis
摘要:The aim of this study was to compare the effect of physicochemical surface treatments on the adhesive bond strength of porcelain denture teeth (PDT) to acrylic resin denture base material (PMMA). Totally, 100 PDT specimens, 50 with retentive palatal pins (+P) and 50 without ...


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