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作者:Muhammad Syukri Salleh
来源:[J].Researchers World – Journal of Arts Science & Commerce, 2016, Vol.VII (1)ERM Publications
摘要:This paper deals with an analysis of the politics of Islamic-based development strategy of three non-governmental organizations in Southeast Asia that is the Darul Arqam in Malaysia, the Daarul Tauhiid in Indonesia, and the Ban Nua Community in Thailand. The research and writing ...
作者:Muhammad Syukri Salleh , Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV)Universiti Sains Malaysia , Malaysia.
来源:[J].Researchers World – Journal of Arts Science & Commerce, 2019, Vol.10 (4)ERM Publications
摘要:This paper attempts to revisit the state of contemporary Islamic values, especially in their present usage. The contemporary Islamic values seem to have been molded by the needs and trends of the changing world, while their usage seems to be meant more of worldly pursuit rat...


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