作者:... Galina Borisyuk , Michael Thrasher , Colin Rallings
来源:[J].Political Studies, 2012, Vol.60 (4), pp.877-898Wiley
摘要:Using a method for decomposing electoral bias in a three‐party competitive system we contend that discussion surrounding electoral reform for the House of Commons is largely based on misconceptions about bias sources at recent British general elections (Northern Ireland is e...
作者:Colin Rallings , Michael Thrasher , Galina Borisyuk
来源:[J].The British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 2010, Vol.12 (2), pp.223-238Wiley
摘要:The liberalisation of the rules covering postal voting attracted a good deal of attention during the 2005 general election campaign, including several allegations of fraud and malpractice. This article uses both survey and aggregate‐level data to examine the increase in the ...
作者:... Jeffrey A. Karp , Michael Thrasher , Colin Rallings
来源:[J].Political Psychology, 2008, Vol.29 (6), pp.903-917Wiley
摘要:In low‐information elections, voters are often faced with the task of choosing from a list of unknown candidates. By examining a set of low‐information elections where candidate photographs were displayed on the ballot, we test how first impressions of candidates can influen...
来源:[J].The Political Quarterly, 2008, Vol.79 (1), pp.80-90Wiley
摘要:Parliamentary boundary reviews in the UK are undertaken to remove — as far as is practicable — inter‐constituency variations in the number of electors. Their impact has almost invariably favoured the Conservative party — largely because population shifts between reviews...
作者:Colin Rallings , Michael Thrasher , Ron Johnston
来源:[J].The British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 2002, Vol.4 (2), pp.271-298Wiley
摘要:This article first describes the decline in Conservative Party representation in local government over the period 1979–97. It then explores a number of factors to account for the nature and depth of that decline, including: differential abstention; the desertion of heartland...
作者:Colin Rallings , Michael Thrasher
来源:[J].Political Studies, 2003, Vol.51 (3), pp.558-572Wiley
摘要:Only in 1979, 1997 and 2001 have British general elections coincided with the annual local government elections. Uniquely, this study uses both survey and aggregate data to examine aspects of split‐ticket voting at the simultaneous elections in 1979 and 1997. Through the use...
作者:Colin Rallings , Michael Thrasher
来源:[J].The British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 2005, Vol.7 (4), pp.584-597Wiley
摘要:The European Parliament elections in June 2004 coincided with local elections in many parts of England. In four regions of the country these elections were conducted entirely by postal ballots; in four other regions traditional methods of polling were used. Overall turnout w...
作者:Colin Rallings , Michael Thrasher
来源:[J].Political Studies, 2001, Vol.49 (2), pp.323-330Wiley
摘要:Only in 1979 and 1997 have British general elections coincided with the annual local government electoral contests. This research note uses both survey and aggregate data to provide new estimates of the extent of split‐ticket voting in England at those two elections, and to ...


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