作者:Kurt R. Venator , Michael J. Ryan , Walter Wilczynski
来源:[J].Ethology(IF 1.947), 2017, Vol.123 (5), pp.357-364Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)We examined the vocal and non‐vocal responses of male cricket frogs ( Acris crepitans ) to conspecific advertisement calls that had been attenuated or degraded by reducing the depth of amplitude modulation ( AM ). Both are characteristic of changes to the call a...
作者:Md. Shafiul Azam Howlader , Michael R. Frater , Michael J. Ryan
来源:[J].Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing(IF 0.863), 2014, Vol.14 (8), pp.831-848Wiley
摘要:ABSTRACT(#br)For many applications, it is desirable for a node to be able to identify the neighbor nodes currently within range. However, the identification procedures for terrestrial communication networks (TCNs) are inefficient when implemented in long‐delay networks (LDNs...
作者:Jordan C. Mallon , Michael J. Ryan , James A. Campbell
来源:[J].Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society(IF 2.583), 2015, Vol.175 (4), pp.910-929Wiley
摘要:Disentangling ontogenetic from interspecific variation is key to understanding biodiversity in the fossil record, yet information on growth in the ceratopsid subfamily C hasmosaurinae is sparse. Here, we describe the partial skull of a juvenile chasmosaurine, attributed to A...
作者:... Guangzhan Fang , Yezhong Tang , Michael J. Ryan
来源:[J].Evolution(IF 4.864), 2016, Vol.70 (4), pp.922-927Wiley
摘要:A hallmark of sexual selection by mate choice is the evolution of exaggerated traits, such as longer tails in birds and more acoustic components in the calls of birds and frogs. Trait elaboration can be opposed by costs such as increased metabolism and greater predation risk, but...
作者:Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik , Michael J. Ryan
来源:[J].Complexity(IF 1.333), 2016, Vol.21 (S1), pp.533-546Wiley
摘要:In this work, we are motivated by the observation that previous considerations of appropriate complexity measures have not directly addressed the fundamental issue that the complexity of any particular matter or thing has a significant subjective component in which the degre...
作者:Michael J. Ryan
来源:[J].Evolution(IF 4.864), 1997, Vol.51 (4), pp.1333-1337Wiley
作者:Michael J. Ryan , A. Stanley Rand , Lee A. Weigt
来源:[J].Evolution(IF 4.864), 1996, Vol.50 (6), pp.2435-2453Wiley
摘要:We analyzed variation in advertisement calls and allozymes in 30 populations along a 5000‐km transect throughout most of the range of the túngara frog, Physalaemus pustulosus. All 12 call variables measured show significant differences among populations despite the importanc...
作者:... A. Stanley Rand , Ulrich G. Mueller , Michael J. Ryan
来源:[J].Molecular Ecology(IF 6.275), 2003, Vol.12 (12), pp.3325-3334Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)Túngara frogs ( Physalaemus pustulosus ) are a model system for sexual selection and communication. Population dynamics and gene flow are of major interest in this species because they influence speciation processes and microevolution, and could consequently pro...
作者:Luis A. Bonachea , Michael J. Ryan
来源:[J].Ethology(IF 1.947), 2011, Vol.117 (1), pp.56-62Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)Search costs can have profound influences on female choice, causing females to become less choosy or sample less of the diversity of available mates. Predator foraging strategies, however, determine exactly how search time affects predator encounter rates. Ambus...


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