作者:Michael E Bakich
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (2), pp.48-53ProQuest
摘要:Through larger scopes, look for dust lanes and emission nebulae spread throughout NGC 2903's spiral arms. Through at least a 12-inch scope, however, you'll see several zones of differing brightnesses: the faint outer halo; then the slightly brighter inner halo; and finally the st...
作者:Michael E Bakich
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (3), pp.54-57ProQuest
摘要:If not now, figure out the earliest date that makes sense for you to request August 21 as a vacation day, and mark it on your calendar. 2Make it a long weekend The eclipse occurs on a Monday. A decade from now - or, more specifically, just before the next U.S. total solar eclipse...
作者:Michael E Bakich
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (3), pp.58-63ProQuest
摘要:[...]all objects are brighter than 12th magnitude. Because this object lies 40,000 light-years away, its brightest stars glow at only magnitude 13. Because this object is larger than the Full Moon, you'll need a wide-field combination to view it all.
作者:Michael E Bakich , Roen Kelly
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (3), pp.15ProQuest
作者:Michael E Bakich
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (4), pp.12ProQuest
摘要:On December 11, astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to image for the first time a supernova at the place and time they predicted it would appear.
作者:Michael E Bakich
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (6), pp.60-63ProQuest
摘要:Small-scope users can enjoy the four star clusters on Charles Messier's list, and largescope owners can challenge both their optics and sky conditions by searching out small planetary or faint emission nebulae. Twenty member stars in and around this cluster shine brighter than 9t...
作者:Michael E Bakich
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (5), pp.13ProQuest
摘要:At peak brightness, the new object shone twice as brightly as the previous known record holder and 200 times brighter than a normal supernova, and was almost 50 times as bright as the entire Milky Way Galaxy.
作者:Michael E Bakich
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (7), pp.8ProQuest
摘要:"The day side could possibly have rivers of lava and big pools of extremely hot magma, but we think the night side would have solidified lava flows like those found in Hawaii," said co-author Michael Gillon of the University of Liege in Belgium. -
作者:Michael E Bakich
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (5), pp.58-59ProQuest
摘要:For an observer at 40° north latitude, Mars will climb a scant 28° above the southern horizon. (Because celestial objects rise in the east and set in the west, they reach their highest point when they're directly south.) This low altitude is significant because the thickest,...
作者:Michael E Bakich
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (6), pp.10ProQuest
摘要:A team of scientists working with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation's Parkes radio tele. scope in Australia has discovered hundreds of galaxies formerly hidden by the stars and dust of the Milky Way.


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