作者:Matthew Deaner , Hal S. Alper
来源:[J].Metabolic Engineering(IF 6.859), 2017, Vol.40, pp.14-22Elsevier
摘要:Abstract(#br)Dissecting genotype-phenotype relationships in a high-throughput and scalable manner is still an unresolved problem facing metabolic engineers. While the RNA-guided nuclease Cas9 has been repurposed as a programmable transcription regulator, its application has typic...
作者:Holly Ekas , Matthew Deaner , Hal S Alper
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Biotechnology(IF 7.86), 2019, Vol.57, pp.1-9Elsevier
摘要:Due to unsustainable petroleum supply and poor yields from plant and animal sources, there is an increased effort to engineer microbial hosts for renewable chemical production. When compared to microbes such as Escherichia coli , fungal hosts show advantages due to their natural ...


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