作者:Manuel Strobel , Marcus Eggenberger , Martin Radetzki
来源:[J].EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, 2017, Vol.2017 (1), pp.1-12Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)Large fractions of today’s embedded systems’ power consumption can be attributed to the memory subsystem. In order to reduce this fraction, we propose a mathematical model to optimize on-chip memory configurations for minimal power. We exploit the power reductio...
作者:Rauf Salimi Khaligh , Martin Radetzki
来源:[J].Design Automation for Embedded Systems(IF 0.286), 2013, Vol.16 (3), pp.1-29Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)In contrast to traditional fixed-accuracy transaction level models, the abstraction level of accuracy-adaptive models can be changed during simulation. This enables dynamic trade-off between simulation performance and accuracy. In this article we present a modeling s...
作者:... Tiberiu Seceleanu , Martin Radetzki , Hannu Tenhunen
来源:[J].Journal of Electronic Testing(IF 0.454), 2013, Vol.29 (3), pp.431-452Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)We present a novel Partial Virtual channel Sharing (PVS) NoC architecture which reduces the impact of faults on performance and also tolerates faults within the routing logic. Without PVS, failure of a component impairs the fault-free connected components, which lead...


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