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作者:M. Ciavarella
来源:[J].Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology(IF 0.9), 2016, Vol.30 (24), pp.2725-2735Taylor & Francis
摘要:In the contact of rough surfaces, contact occurs on smaller and smaller scales, the well-known Tabor adhesion parameter decreases and the so-called Derjaguin–Muller–Toporov (DMT) theory is the appropriate limit. Fuller and Tabor developed 40 years ago a model based on a...
作者:... A. Papangelo , M. Ciavarella , V. L. Popov
来源:[J].Tribology Transactions(IF 0.914), 2016, Vol.59 (1), pp.189-194Taylor & Francis
摘要:ABSTRACTIn the present article, we study the development of a wear profile in an axially symmetric contact under conditions of gross slip and assumption of the Reye-Archard wear criterion. Simulations are carried out using the method of dimensionality reduction and a full finite ...
作者:M. Ciavarella , P. Decuzzi , V. L. Tagarielli ...
来源:[J].Journal of Thermal Stresses(IF 0.734), 2003, Vol.26 (5)Taylor & Francis
摘要:Thin coatings on metallic substrates are extensively used in mechanical, aerospace, microelectronic, optical, and medical applications. Coatings affect the surface properties of the system, while bulk properties and strength primarily depend on the substrate. In coated components...


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