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作者:Liu, Mengmeng , Li, Zejian , Wei, Meicai
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2019, Vol.829, pp.29-42
摘要:Fagineura Vikberg & Zinovjev, 2000 is recorded from China for the first time. Two species of Fagineura are described as new, F. flactoserrula sp. n. and F. xanthosoma sp. n. A key to the species of Fagineura worldwide is provided, now including four species. In addition, a simple...
作者:Li, Zejian , Liu, Mengmeng , Wei, Meicai
来源:[J].Zoosystematics and Evolution, 2019, Vol.95 (1), pp.37-48
摘要:The Macrophya maculitibia group is proposed and defined. Five species are reported from China, among them three new species, Macrophya longifossa sp. n., M. motuoa sp. n., and M. yunnana sp. n., and two known species, M. maculitibia Takeuchi, 1933, and M. jiuzhaina Chen & Wei, 20...
作者:Li, Zejian , Liu, Mengmeng , Wei, Meicai
来源:[J].Zoosystematics and Evolution, 2019, Vol.95, pp.417-427
摘要:The Macrophya imitator group was proposed by Liu et al. in 2015. Three new species, Macrophya longlingensis sp. nov., M. nieshuaiguoi sp. nov. and M. zejiani sp. nov. from China are described. A key to all Chinese species and a geographical distribution map of the M. imitator gro...


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