作者:Linker Beth
来源:[J].Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 2010, Vol.66 (3), pp.313-46PubMed
摘要:This article challenges conventional theories about the role of medical photography in the early twentieth century. Some scholars argue that the camera intensified the Foucauldian medical gaze, reducing patients to mere pathologies. Others maintain that with the rise of the new m...
作者:Linker Beth
来源:[J].Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences(IF 0.897), 2005, Vol.60 (3), pp.320-54PubMed
摘要:The history of codes of ethics in health care has almost exclusively been told as a story of how medical doctors developed their own professional principles of conduct. Yet telling the history of medical ethics solely from the physicians' perspective neglects not only the numerou...
作者:Linker Beth
来源:[J].Bulletin of the history of medicine, 2016, Vol.90 (2), pp.222-49PubMed
摘要:Just as the prevalence of scoliosis began to decline precipitously after World War II, American orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul R. Harrington devised a new, invasive surgical system whereby implantable prosthetic metal rods and hooks were used to straighten curved backs. By the 1970s...
作者:Linker Beth
来源:[J].American Journal of Public Health, 2012, Vol.102 (4), pp.606-16PubMed
摘要:In 2004, the US Preventive Services Task Force called for an end to scoliosis screening in US public schools. However, screening endures, although most nations have ended their screening programs. Why? Explanations range from America's unique fee-for-service health care system an...


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