作者:Kollmuss, Anja , Lazarus, Michael
来源:[J].Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Management, 2011, Vol.1 (2)Earthscan
摘要:As an alternative to offsets, voluntary buyers could instead buy and cancel allowances from compliance markets. The purchase and cancellation of allowances reduces the available allowances in a cap-and-trade system, `tightening the cap' and, in principle, reducing the emissions t...
作者:Erickson, Peter A. , Lazarus, Michael , Kelly, Alexia
来源:[J].Climate Policy, 2011, Vol.11 (6)Earthscan
摘要:Greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets are a central feature of most regional and national cap-and-trade systems. A greenhouse offset credit represents a tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) reduced, avoided or sequestered by a project implemented specifically to compensate...
作者:... Kartha, Sivan , Lazarus, Michael , Page, Tom
来源:[J].Climate Policy, 2001, Vol.1 (2)Earthscan
摘要:This article provides a first-cut estimate of the potential impacts of the clean development mechanism (CDM) on electricity generation and carbon emissions in the power sector of non-Annex 1 countries. We construct four illustrative CDM regimes that represent a range of appr...
作者:Kartha, Sivan , Lazarus, Michael , LeFranc, Maurice
来源:[J].Climate Policy, 2005, Vol.5 (2)Earthscan
摘要:Project-based emission reduction or `offset' programs are being implemented widely, from the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) to corporate voluntary efforts and municipal and state-level activities. Additionality assessment remains a central and persistent challenge in all progr...


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