作者:Hauken May Aasebø , Hølge-Hazelton Bibbi , Larsen Torill M B
来源:[J].Cancer nursing, 2018
摘要:BACKGROUND(#br)Cancer in young adults is rare but young adult cancer patients (YACPs) are at an increased risk of severe physical and psychosocial impairments during cancer treatment and survivorship. However, little is known about the onset of this process.(#br)OBJECTIVE(#b...
作者:Hauken May Aa , Larsen Torill M B
来源:[J].Journal of clinical nursing, 2019, Vol.28 (15-16), pp.2953-2965
摘要:AIMS AND OBJECTIVES(#br)To explore young adult cancer patients' experiences of support from their private social network during cancer treatment.(#br)BACKGROUND(#br)Cancer treatment in young adulthood (aged 18-35 years) can be distressing. Social support is crucial for health and...
作者:... Langeland Eva , Larsen Torill M B , Kinn Liv Grethe
来源:[J].International journal of qualitative studies on health and well-being, 2020, Vol.15 (1), pp.1703884
摘要:Purpose : The number of psychosocial Clubhouses is growing rapidly in Norway. However, more knowledge is needed about the subjective experience of Clubhouse members in terms of their recuperation processes and experiences in the Clubhouse context. Therefore, this qualitative stud...
作者:Røykenes Kari , Smith Kari , Larsen Torill M B
来源:[J].Nurse education in practice, 2014, Vol.14 (4), pp.350-6
摘要:Test anxiety affects the learning, performance and well-being of students, and it increases as the stakes get higher. Norwegian nursing students must pass a drug calculation test with a flawless performance if they are to qualify as nurses. The aim of the current study was to inv...


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