作者:... Markus Kucera , Klaus Volbert , Thomas Waas
来源:[J].EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, 2017, Vol.2017 (1), pp.1-13Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)Smart grid, smart metering, electromobility, and the regulation of the power network are keywords of the transition in energy politics. In the future, the power grid will be smart. Based on different works, this article presents a data collection, analyzing, and moni...
作者:Matthias Altmann , Peter Schlegl , Klaus Volbert
来源:[J].EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, 2017, Vol.2017 (1), pp.1-11Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br) Introduction(#br)Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy wastage is an important topic of our time. But it is quite difficult to figure out how much of our total electricity bill can be mapped to which device or at what time the device used it. We believe en...
作者:... Christian Schindelhauer , Klaus Volbert , Matthias Grünewald
来源:[J].Theory of Computing Systems(IF 0.477), 2004, Vol.37 (3), pp.343-370Springer
摘要:Abstract(#br)We investigate the problem of path selection in radio networks for a given static set of n sites in two- and three-dimensional space. For static point-to-point communication we define measures for congestion, dilation, and energy consumption that take interferen...


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