作者:Bansal SK , Sinha BN , Khosa RL
来源:[J].Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 2018, Vol.1 (2)
摘要:Introduction: γ-amino butyric acid aminotransferase (GABA-AT) is a pyridoxal phosphate (PLP) dependent enzyme that catalyses the degradation of γ-amino butyric acid (GABA). γ-amino butyric acid aminotransferase (GABA-AT) inhibitors are used to treat epilepsy. Objective: The ...
作者:... Singh UVS , Khosa RL , Jain J
来源:[J].Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 2018, Vol.1 (1)
摘要:Introduction: Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder, involving group of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain. Many classes of antiepileptic drugs are being prescribed and used by the stake holders but most of them are associated with serious side effects and toxicity. Ther...


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