作者:Karolina Wieszczycka , Krzysztof Bukowski , Grzegorz Framski
来源:[J].Modern Organic Chemistry Research, 2017, Vol.2 (2)Isaac
摘要:In this paper we report a three-stage synthesis of alkyl ethyl 2-oxo-2-(pyridin-2-, -3- and -4-yl)ethylphosphonates (2a-e, 3a-e, 4a-e) starting from commercially-available triethyl phosphite.Triethyl phosphite was first transesterified with alcohols in the presence of sodium cata...
作者:Aleksandra Wojciechowska , Karolina Wieszczycka , Grzegorz Framski
来源:[J].Modern Organic Chemistry Research, 2017, Vol.2 (2)Isaac
摘要:The present study described a detailed investigation of the synthesis of novel quaternary pyridinium salts: derivates of 1-(3-pyridine)undecane-1-one (1-propyl-3-undecanoylpyridinium bromide and 1-propyl-3-undecanoylpyridinium chloride) and N-decyloxypyridine-3-carboximidamide (3...
作者:Karolina Wieszczycka , Aleksandra Wojciechowska ...
来源:[J].Modern Organic Chemistry Research, 2017, Vol.2 (1)Isaac
摘要:N’-hydroxy-N-alkylpyridinecarboximidamides are new class of N-substituted imidamide derivatives, with diverse potential applications. In this study, the synthesis of novel long-chain N-substituted pyridinecarboximidamides:N’-hydroxy-N-alkylpyridinecar-boximidamides and ...


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