SAVAP International
作者:Jude Daniel Amakaino Utoware , Mrs. Anita Ogheneovo Amiaya
来源:[J].Educational Research International, 2014, Vol.3 (1)SAVAP International
摘要:In the fast growing competition of constantly developing markets and changing consumer preferences, some manufacturing companies are more successful than others to achieve its goals profitably. As competition is becoming more severe and alternatives are being introduced rapidly, ...
作者:Jude Daniel Amakaino Utoware
来源:[J].Educational Research International, 2014, Vol.3 (4)SAVAP International
摘要:The study examined the extent of utilization of ICT tools in Business Education and its implication for effective instructional delivery. The study employed the descriptive survey design. Two research questions were raised and one null hypothesis was formulated to guide the study...


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