作者:John Cockcroft
来源:[J].Artery Research, 2019, Vol.1 (1)Atlantis出版社
作者:John Cockcroft , Luc Van Bortel ...
来源:[J].Artery Research, 2019, Vol.1 (1)Atlantis出版社
摘要:In recent years great emphasis has been placed on the role of arterial stiffness in the development of cardiovascular diseases. The present article is an abridged version of an expert consensus document reporting the proceedings of several meetings of the European Network for Non...
作者:... Dion H. Zappe , Kazuomi Kario , John Cockcroft
来源:[J].Artery Research, 2016, Vol.17 (C)Atlantis出版社
摘要:Pressure measured with a cuff and sphygmomanometer in the brachial artery is accepted as an important predictor of future cardiovascular (CV) events. However, recent clinical evidence suggests that central aortic pressure (CAP) provides additional information for assessing CV ris...


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