Taylor & Francis期刊
作者:Jianbo Yu , Michael G. Yost
来源:[J].Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B(IF 1.211), 2014, Vol.49 (2), pp.102-108Taylor & Francis
摘要:A rapid liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method has been developed for determination of levels of the organophosphorus (OP) pesticides chlorpyrifos (CPF), azinphos methyl (AZM), and their oxygen analogs chlorpyrifos-oxon (CPF-O) and azinphos methyl-o...
作者:Jianbo Yu
来源:[J].International Journal of Production Research(IF 1.46), 2012, Vol.50 (23), pp.6746-6762Taylor & Francis
摘要:Abnormal patterns exhibited in control charts can be associated with certain assignable causes for process variation. Hence, accurate and fast control chart pattern recognition (CCPR) is essential for significantly narrowing down the scope of possible causes that must be investig...
作者:Jianbo Yu , Lifeng Xi
来源:[J].International Journal of Production Research(IF 1.46), 2009, Vol.47 (15), pp.4077-4108Taylor & Francis
摘要:In multivariate statistical process control, most multivariate quality control charts are shown to be effective in detecting out-of-control signals based upon overall statistics. But these charts do not relieve the need for pinpointing the source(s) of the out-of-control signals....
作者:Jianbo Yu , Jianping Liu
来源:[J].International Journal of Production Research(IF 1.46), 2011, Vol.49 (8), pp.2301-2326Taylor & Francis
摘要:With the growth of automation in manufacturing, process quality characteristics are being measured at higher rates and data is more likely to be auto-correlated. Traditional statistical process control (SPC) techniques of control charting are not applicable in many process indust...
作者:Jianbo Yu , Zhongming Ren ...
来源:[J].Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society(IF 0.132), 2016, Vol.75 (1), pp.40-46Taylor & Francis
摘要:ABSTRACT(#br)Porous alumina based ceramics were fabricated by injection method, where alumina powders were used as raw materials and solvent silicone resin was used as binder. During the heat treatment process, an organic-inorganic transformation occurred in silicone resin. ...


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