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作者:Jessica M. Budke
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2019, Vol.122 (3), pp.471-491BioOne Complete
摘要:The calyptra is a small, maternal gametophyte structure that covers the apex of the offspring sporophyte and is critical for the transition from seta formation to capsule differentiation in many moss taxa. It has been hypothesized to function by (1) providing a mechanical constra...
作者:Jessica M. Budke , R. James Hickey , Kerry D. Heafner
来源:[J].Brittonia(IF 0.651), 2005, Vol.57 (2), pp.167-182BioOne Complete
摘要:Budke, J. M., R. J. Hickey & K. D. Heafner (Miami University, Department of Botany, 316 Pearson Hall, Oxford, OH 45056, U.S.A.; ). Analysis of morphological and anatomical characteristics of Isoetes using Isoetes tennesseensis . Brittonia 57: 1...
作者:Jessica M. Budke , Bernard Goffinet
来源:[J].Systematic Botany(IF 1.287), 2006, Vol.31 (4), pp.633-641BioOne Complete
摘要:Nuclear ribosomal (26S) and chloroplast ( trnL-trnF and atpB-rbcL spacer) genomic regions were sequenced from 29 exemplars of Timmiaceae and five outgroup taxa. Phylogenetic hypotheses were tested from analyses of the individual regions and a combined dataset,...
作者:Neil T. Luebke , Jessica M. Budke
来源:[J].American Fern Journal(IF 0.404), 2003, Vol.93 (4), pp.184-190BioOne Complete
摘要:Isoëtes tennesseensis , an octoploid species with a chromosome count of 2 n = 88, is described. It occurs in the Hiwassee River in Tennessee. Past collections of this species have been misidentified as Isoëtes macrospora (= I. lacustris ). Isoëtes ten...
作者:... Fernanda Herrera , Jessica M. Budke , Bernard Goffinet
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2009, Vol.112 (2), pp.278-286BioOne Complete
摘要:Costesia spongiosa is known only from central Chile. The recent discovery of several small populations prompted an examination of diagnostic morphological features and the sampling of DNA for surveying the chloroplast genome for a 71-kb inversion diagnostic of the Funariales and ...
作者:Melissa A. Wynne , Jessica M. Budke
来源:[J].Evansia, 2012, Vol.29 (2), pp.61-64BioOne Complete
摘要:Our research assesses the ability of calyptrae to produce protonema in the moss species Funaria hygrometrica Hedw. Herein the following question is addressed: how long after detachment from the maternal plant are calyptrae able to produce new individuals by means of protonema? Pl...


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