作者:Jens Bange , Thomas Neumann
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.27 (5), pp.401-415
摘要:Large offshore wind farms are usually clustered around transmission grids to minimize the expense of transmission, due to military zones, pipelines, and due to other uses such as nature preserves. However, this close proximity can undermine power production in downwind wind farms...
作者:Jens Bange , Peter Zittel ...
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2005, Vol.14 (3), pp.315-327
摘要:A micrometeorological field experiment was performed within the frame of the STINHO -project ( st ructure of turbulent transport under inho mogeneous conditions) at the boundary layer field site of the Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg of the German Meteorological Service (De...
作者:Jens Bange , Marco Buschmann
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2007, Vol.16 (2), pp.159-169
摘要:The limitations of manned airborne meteorological measurements led to a new unmanned system, the Meteorological Mini-UAV (M2AV), recently developed by the Institute of Aerospace Systems, Technical University of Braunschweig. The task was to develop, test and verify a m...
作者:Mareille Wolff , Jens Bange
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2000, Vol.9 (6), pp.361-376
摘要:The inverse method was originally developed for geophysical problems. It is used to fit model parameters in connection with theoretical assumptions to measured data, and allows an evaluation about the applicability of the chosen functional relation (model) and experimental setup....


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