作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (2), pp.14ProQuest
摘要:[...]once hominids appeared it only took a thousandth the age of the planet to go from stone tools to walking on the Moon. Eyes range from compound eyes to the virtual Schmidt cameras found in some deep-sea fish.
作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (3), pp.14ProQuest
摘要:[...]interplanetary dust, molecular clouds, and the oxidation that gives Mars its red color are chemistry Thoughts about extraterrestrial life are guided by what we know of terrestrial biology and evolution. [...]you might know that Riccardo Giacconi won the 2002 Nobel Prize in P...
作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (4), pp.14ProQuest
摘要:The other man is the recently named principal investigator of the space telescope's premier instrument, the Wide Field/ Planetary Gamera (WF/PC). [...]he put a new kind of detector, a CCD, into a vacuum flask made from a spaghetti pot and put it at prime focus on the 200-inch Hal...
作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (6), pp.12ProQuest
摘要:In sharp contrast, astronomy today looks at the process of star formation and evolution, the process of galaxy and structure formation, and even the processes that gave rise to physical law itself. Medical research talks less of organs and their function, and more about processes...
作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (5), pp.12ProQuest
摘要:[...]the study of life, the study of Earth, the study of the cosmos - you know, science! In addition to turning a telescope on the heavens, the father of modern science got the ball rolling (literally) with his work on inertia, relative motion, gravitation, and the dynamics of pr...
作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (5), pp.13ProQuest
作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (7), pp.10ProQuest
摘要:LIGO scientists recount that history in the opening paragraphs of their own 2016 paper in Physical Review Letters: "The discovery of the binary pulsar system PSR B1913+16 by Hulse and Taylor and subsequent observations of its energy loss by Taylor and Weisberg demonstrated the ex...
作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (10), pp.16ProQuest
摘要:Where biological lifeforms' exploration requires finding temperate worlds that might still leave them facing incompatible and potentially lethal alien biology, technological life-forms could be sustained more easily, requiring only the raw materials easily supplied by common aste...
作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (9), pp.10ProQuest
摘要:The cartoon inspired Enrico Fermi to ask a simple question: "Where are they?" If the universe contains numerous intelligent civilizations whose inhabitants routinely travel among the stars, then, Fermi reasoned, those civilizations should quickly spread throughout the galaxy. Dra...
作者:Jeff Hester
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (11), pp.16ProQuest
摘要:The human impacts are worse, as disease spreads and tens of millions of people face food and water shortages. Higher ocean temperatures in the subtropical North Atlantic fuel tropical storms.


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