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作者:James C. Lendemer , Erin A. Tripp
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2015, Vol.118 (1), pp.1-10BioOne Complete
摘要:The sterile asexually reproducing lichen Lecanora anakeestiicola is described as new to science from the southern Appalachian Mountains. This species is known from two populations that occur on shaded outcrops of the Anakeesta Formation at high elevations. It can be recognized by...
作者:James C. Lendemer
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2015, Vol.118 (2), pp.130-144BioOne Complete
摘要:Parmotrema internexum is shown to be a morphologically, chemically and phylogenetically distinct species whose occurrence in North America has been previously overlooked and largely based on misidentifications. Prior accounts of the species being similar to P. crinitum but differ...
作者:James C. Lendemer
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2015, Vol.118 (2), pp.145-153BioOne Complete
摘要:Lecanora layana is described as new to science based on collections from throughout temperate eastern North America. The species is sorediate and both morphologically and chemically similar to L. nothocaesiella , differing in the production of stictic acid in addition to atranori...
作者:James C. Lendemer , Ana Maria Ruiz
来源:[J].Castanea(IF 0.361), 2015, Vol.80 (1), pp.29-36BioOne Complete
摘要:Canoparmelia caroliniana is among the most common macrolichens in southeastern North America, occurring on the bark of trees in habitats from urban centers to pristine wilderness. Canoparmelia amabilis was distinguished from C. caroliniana on the basis of differences in the color...
作者:James C. Lendemer , Richard C. Harris
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2015, Vol.118 (3), pp.284-292BioOne Complete
摘要:A second species of the genus Xyleborus , X. nigricans , is described as new to science from the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain of eastern North America where it appears to be endemic. The species is illustrated and compared to the allopatric X. sporodochifer , which occurs in the Oz...
作者:James C. Lendemer , Bernard Goffinet
来源:[J].Systematic Botany(IF 1.287), 2015, Vol.40 (4)BioOne Complete
摘要:An intensive lichen biodiversity inventory of the imperiled Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain of eastern North America resulted in the discovery of a new species of the ecologically sensitive macrolichen genus Sticta. The species is formally described as S. deyana based on a combination...
作者:James C. Lendemer
来源:[J].The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society(IF 0.75), 2016, Vol.143 (2), pp.199-206BioOne Complete
摘要:Extensive fieldwork in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain led to the discovery of many new populations that seemed referable to Trichothelium angustisporum , a crustose lichen originally described from South America and the United States. Review of that taxon revealed North American ...
作者:James C. Lendemer
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2016, Vol.119 (1), pp.107-120BioOne Complete
作者:James C. Lendemer , Richard C. Harris , Ana Maria Ruiz
来源:[J].Castanea(IF 0.361), 2016, Vol.81 (1), pp.1-77BioOne Complete
摘要:The results of a large-scale biodiversity inventory of lichens (including lichenicolous and allied fungi) in the Dare Regional Biodiversity Hotspot (DRBH) are presented. The DRBH is a region within the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain (MACP) of eastern North America that was recently d...
作者:James C. Lendemer
来源:[J].Rhodora(IF 0.394), 2016, Vol.118 (974), pp.243-246BioOne Complete


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