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作者:JIAO Jing
来源:[J].Journal of Literature and Art Studies, 2019, Vol.9 (5)DPC
摘要:The author establishes parallel corpus of The Apple Tree by John Galsworthy and two translated Chinese versions by Huang Zixiang and Dong Hengxun. Wordsmith and ICTCLAS are applied to make a quantitative study on the linguistic features of the source and the target language....
作者:JIAO Jing , XU Dejin
来源:[J].Management Studies, 2019, Vol.8 (1)DPC
摘要:We propose an intercultural business communication (IBC) model and design a questionnaire basing on the model to gain detailed knowledge on the status quo of 239 Chinese international business practitioners’ IBC activities. The factual questions include the main working lang...


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