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作者:Irwin M. Brodo
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2017, Vol.120 (1), pp.112-113
作者:Irwin M. Brodo , Tor Tønsberg
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2019, Vol.122 (3), pp.457-462
摘要:Opegrapha halophila Brodo & Tønsberg is described based on material from British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska, U.S.A. It is distinctive due to its lirellate apothecia, the (mainly) discrete soralia, the production of roccellic/angardianic acid, and its habitat on coastal roc...
作者:Irwin M. Brodo , Michael Haldeman , Jiří Malíček
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2019, Vol.122 (3), pp.430-450
摘要:Lecanora excludens (syn. L. septentrionalis ) is reported as new for North America from Oregon. The synonymy of the two names is discussed. Lecanora intumescens , with two new synonyms: L. hispanica and L. krempelhuberi , is reported from Idaho and confirmed as new for the United...
作者:Irwin M. Brodo , Richard C. Harris
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2017, Vol.24 (3), pp.349-379
摘要:600 lichens and 82 lichenicolous and allied fungi have been recorded from Eagle Hill in Steuben, ME, and its vicinity over the past 25 years, mainly as a consequence of courses and research centered upon the Eagle Hill Institute (formerly the Humboldt Field Research Institute). O...
作者:Irwin M. Brodo , James C. Lendemer
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2015, Vol.118 (4), pp.385-399
摘要:Discovery of a new species of Trapelia and one of Ainoa prompted a taxonomic revision of saxicolous, esorediate members of the genera Ainoa and Trapelia that occur in North America north of Mexico. In addition to the description of A. bella and T. stipitata , both from eastern No...
作者:Irwin M. Brodo
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2001, Vol.104 (2), pp.297-298
摘要:Vezdaea acicularis Coppins is reported growing on soil under hydroelectric transmission lines in Quebec, Canada. It is new to the North American lichen flora. Vezdaea leprosa (P. James) Vězda was found twice in the Ottawa region and is a new lichen for Canada. Steinia geopha...
作者:Irwin M. Brodo
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2003, Vol.106 (3), pp.365-371


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