Taylor & Francis期刊
作者:Howard A. Levine , Serdal Pamuk ...
来源:[J].Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine(IF 0.791), 2002, Vol.4 (2), pp.133-145Taylor & Francis
摘要:Tumour angiogenesis is the process whereby a capillary network is formed from a pre-existing vasculature in response to tumour secreted growth factors (TAF). The capillary network is largely composed of migrating endothelial cells which organise themselves into dendritic structur...
作者:Howard A. Levine , Lawrence E. Burkhart
来源:[J].Chemical Engineering Communications(IF 1.052), 1983, Vol.21 (4-6), pp.191-220Taylor & Francis
摘要:In [16], during an experiment designed to model the internal circulation of a forming droplet, secondary surface flows were observed on the droplet interface.After summarizing the experimental results of [16], we present one possible mechanism, based on the surface surfactant mas...


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