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作者:Hong Lei , Yao Zhao
来源:[J].Journal of Microencapsulation(IF 1.571), 2015, Vol.32 (7), pp.669-676Taylor & Francis
摘要:Abstract:(#br) Objective : To evaluate the protective effects of microencapsulation on Lactobacillus delbrueckii by random, parallel experimental design. Materials and methods : Lincomycin hydrochloride-induced intestinal malfunction mouse model was successfully established; then...
作者:Xuanmin Luo , Hong Lei
来源:[J].Perspectives, 2004, Vol.12 (1), pp.20-30Taylor & Francis
摘要:Abstract(#br)China has a long tradition in translation studies. As the earliest records show, sporadic translation activities began as early as the eleventh century BC, though serious consideration of translation did not begin until the introduction of Buddhism into China in...


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