作者:Hengchen Dai , David Mao ...
来源:[J].Preventive Medicine(IF 3.496), 2017, Vol.103, pp.98-102Elsevier
摘要:Abstract(#br)Expanding on evidence that interventions to improve health are more effective when informed by behavioral science, we explore whether reminders designed to harness behavioral science principles can improve medication adherence. We conducted a randomized controlled tr...
作者:Hengchen Dai
来源:[J].Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 2018, Vol.148, pp.12-29Elsevier
摘要:Abstract(#br)Inside and outside of workplaces, individuals’ performance on a metric (e.g., sales) is often decoupled from past performance (rather than being tracked as a continuation of past performance). How do people respond to such performance resets, a type of fresh sta...
作者:Hengchen Dai , Claire Li
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Psychology, 2019, Vol.26, pp.44-48Elsevier
摘要:Temporal landmarks, or moments that stand out in time, structure people's perceptions and use of time. We highlight recent research examining how both experiencing and anticipating temporal landmarks impact motivation and goal pursuit. Experiencing a temporal landmark may pr...


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