作者:Goc Zofia , Szaroma Waldemar ...
来源:[J].The Chinese journal of physiology(IF 0.748), 2017, Vol.60 (1)PubMed
摘要:Sodium nitroprusside (SNP) is an antihypertensive drug with proven dose-dependent toxiceffects attributed mainly to the production of cyanide but also excesive nitric oxide (NO) and derivedreactive species. The present study evaluated whether melatonin administration would h...
作者:... Łaciak Tomasz , Goc Zofia , Kilian Katarzyna
来源:[J].Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A: Toxic Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering(IF 1.252), 2009, Vol.44 (8), pp.808-19PubMed
摘要:The influence of ultraviolet radiation (UV) on cadmium availability to freshwater mussel (Unio tumidus) in the presence of organic matter was investigated. Water solutions containing 1000, 500, and 250 microg x L(-1) of cadmium and 28.8 mg x L(-1) of total organic carbon (TOC) we...


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