作者:Faïz Gallouj
来源:[J].European Journal of Innovation Management, 1998, Vol.1 (3), pp.123-138Emerald
摘要:As they account for the largest share of employment and value added, services do not (or cannot) lie outside a Schumpeterian view of innovation phenomena. Of the various attempts at shedding more light on the mechanisms of innovation in service industries and firms, we consi...
作者:Jean Gadrey , Faïz Gallouj , Olivier Weinstein
来源:[J].International Journal of Service Industry Management, 1995, Vol.6 (3), pp.4-16Emerald
摘要:Despite the significance of services in the economic statistics,economic theories of innovation have tended to ignore them, or to assumethat innovation in services consists of little more than adoptinginnovations developed in industry. Subjects this view to a critiquebased on thr...


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