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作者:Elsy Rahimi Chaldun , Anti Khoerul Fikkriyah ...
来源:[J].Key Engineering Materials, 2020, Vol.4790, pp.263-269Trans Tech
摘要:Exploration of natural compound for the treatment of dental-related problems are gaining of interest for enhancing therapeutic efficacy of the drugs delivery system. In this study, we have prepared terpenoid, which have been isolated from Myrmecodia pendens Merr & Perry from...
作者:... Andri Hardiansyah , Elsy Rahimi Chaldun , Hartanto Endro
来源:[J].Key Engineering Materials, 2020, Vol.4790, pp.54-59Trans Tech
摘要:Various bioceramic materials including zirconia and hydroxyapatite have been developed for various applications. Hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, HAp) is one of the most interesting features of calcium phosphate-based bioceramic that wi...
作者:Elsy Rahimi Chaldun , Myrtha Karina , Bambang Sunendar Purwasasmita
来源:[J].Advanced Materials Research, 2013, Vol.2514, pp.232-236Trans Tech
摘要:Bacterial cellulose-based carbon nanotube has been synthesized by catalytic graphitization method. Bacterial cellulose (BS) is a source of cellulose produced from fermentation of medium by Acetobacter xylinum. Since it contains unbranch polymer linked by β-1.4 glucopyronose ...


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