Trans Tech期刊
作者:... Christelle Bloch , Didier Chamagne , Antoine Vianou
来源:[J].International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa, 2019, Vol.4743, pp.182-199Trans Tech
摘要:Development of small hydropower plants depends on its economic and financial feasibility, which must be evaluated by cost estimates before construction. Cost of electromechanical (EM) equipment represents the major portion of the total plant budget. The paper presents new cost es...
作者:... Antoine Vianou , Didier Chamagne , Christophe Espanet
来源:[J].Advanced Engineering Forum, 2020, Vol.4769, pp.77-93Trans Tech
摘要:Wind energy conversion systems (WECS) have developed rapidly in recent years in terms of capacity and wind turbines design. This development led to improve power quality, to reduce the costs and increase the energy yield. WECS are expected to be reliable, effective and more cost-...
作者:Didier Chamagne , Christophe Espanet
来源:[J].Advanced Engineering Forum, 2018, Vol.4815, pp.128-138Trans Tech
摘要:This paper presents a study to show the complementarity between solar and wind energy potentials in Benin Republic. Daily wind speed data in the coast of Cotonou city, precisely in Cadjehoun district, has been used to assess wind energy potential. Solar potential is evaluate...


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