来源:[J].The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 2015, Vol.73 (4), pp.407-416Wiley
摘要:ABSTRACT(#br)In this article, I examine whether Jerrold Levinson's intentional‐historical definition of art can successfully accommodate revolutionary art. For Levinson, an item is art if it was intended to be regarded as some prior art was regarded. But revolutionary art in...
作者:Daniel Wilson , Steven J. Schapiro
来源:[J].Child Development, 2015, Vol.86 (5), pp.1623-1638Wiley
摘要:van der Goot et al. (2014) proposed that distal, deictic communication indexed the appreciation of the psychological state of a common ground between a signaler and a receiver. In their study, great apes did not signal distally, which they construed as evidence for the human...
作者:Daniel Wilson
来源:[J].Review of Income and Wealth, 2008, Vol.54 (2), pp.269-278Wiley
摘要:Previous research has shown that the composition of investment and capital can matter for investment dynamics and productivity. However, very little is known about the composition of investment at the micro level. The goal of this note is to help fill this knowledge gap by a...
来源:[J].The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 2018, Vol.76 (1), pp.33-44Wiley
摘要:ABSTRACT(#br)Dominic McIver Lopes and Yuriko Saito claim that the Japanese tea ceremony, or chadō , is a non‐Western art form. Stephen Davies also defends that claim. In this article, I utilize the tea ceremony as a test case for pancultural definitions of art that claim to ...


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