作者:Constantinescu Alina
来源:[J].Journal of biological dynamics, 2017, Vol.11 (1), pp.1-7PubMed
摘要:The aim of our study is to improve the crop planning procedures using neuro-fuzzy concepts. In this paper we design a neuro-fuzzy procedure that offers the suitable maize hybrid, from a set of preferred hybrids, which must be organically farmed in the current year. Our method is ...
作者:Constantinescu Alina , Caliskan Kadir ...
来源:[J].Kidney international, 2017PubMed
摘要:Renal dysfunction is an important component of chronic heart failure (CHF), but its single assessment does not sufficiently reflect clinically silent progression of CHF prior to adverse clinical outcome. Therefore, we aimed to investigate temporal evolutions of glomerular and tub...
作者:... Umans Victor , Constantinescu Alina , Kardys Isabella
来源:[J].Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, 2017PubMed
摘要:We determined the temporal effects of neurohormonal antagonists and loop diuretics on serially assessed (3-monthly) cardiorenal biomarkers, functional status, and clinical outcomes in 250 patients with chronic heart failure (CHF) with reduced ejection fraction. In blood, we measu...


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