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作者:Chuanjun Li , Rui Guo ...
来源:[J].Philosophical Magazine Letters(IF 1.156), 2015, Vol.95 (1), pp.37-43Taylor & Francis
摘要:The nucleation undercoolings of non-magnetic metals like paramagnetic aluminium in high magnetic fields were measured by the differential thermal analysis technique. It was shown that the nucleation undercooling of pure aluminium increased with increasing the magnetic field, whil...
作者:... Jianbo Yu , Chuanjun Li , Yunbo Zhong
来源:[J].Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology(IF 0.9), 2016, Vol.30 (13), pp.1430-1440Taylor & Francis
摘要:AbstractReliable Si3N4/nickel-based superalloy joints were obtained by partial transient liquid phase bonding with a Ni/Cu/Ti multi-interlayer. The flexural strengths of the joints were investigated at elevated temperatures. The maximum high-temperature bending strength of 1...
作者:Chuanjun Li , Kang Deng
来源:[J].Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology(IF 0.9), 2016, Vol.30 (24), pp.2667-2677Taylor & Francis
摘要:AbstractSilica ceramic cores prepared by heat-press molding were strengthened by impregnating silicone resin. The effect of heating treatment conditions on the properties of silica ceramic cores was analyzed. Results showed that the ambient bending strength increased from 9....
作者:... Zhongming Ren , Chuanjun Li , Kang Deng
来源:[J].Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society(IF 0.132), 2016, Vol.75 (1), pp.40-46Taylor & Francis
摘要:ABSTRACTPorous alumina based ceramics were fabricated by injection method, where alumina powders were used as raw materials and solvent silicone resin was used as binder. During the heat treatment process, an organic-inorganic transformation occurred in silicone resin. The i...


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