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作者:Christopher B. Stephens , Diann J. Prosser ...
来源:[J].Avian Diseases(IF 1.734), 2019, Vol.63 (1), pp.230-234BioOne Complete
摘要:Waterfowl are the natural hosts of avian influenza virus (AIV), and through migration spread the virus worldwide. Most AIVs carried by wild waterfowl are low pathogenic strains; however, Goose/Guangdong/1996 lineage clade H5 highly pathogenic (HP) AIV now appears to be en...
作者:... Mary J. Pantin-Jackwood , Alicia M. Berlin , Christopher B. Stephens
来源:[J].Journal of Wildlife Diseases(IF 1.271), 2017, Vol.53 (4), pp.832-842BioOne Complete
摘要:Waterfowl are the natural hosts of avian influenza virus (AIV) and disseminate the virus worldwide through migration. Historically, surveillance and research efforts for AIV in waterfowl have focused on dabbling ducks. The role of diving ducks in AIV ecology has not been well cha...
作者:Erica Spackman , Christopher B. Stephens , Mary J. Pantin-Jackwood
来源:[J].Avian Diseases(IF 1.734), 2018, Vol.62 (1), pp.36-44BioOne Complete
摘要:Poor efficacy of avian influenza virus (AIV) vaccines in chickens has been documented in the field in spite of good results in experimental settings. Although the causes are multifactorial and complex, one contributing factor may be prior infection with immunosuppressive vir...
作者:... Mary Pantin-Jackwood , Christopher B. Stephens , Alicia M. Berlin
来源:[J].Avian Diseases(IF 1.734), 2019, Vol.63 (2), pp.366-370BioOne Complete
摘要:Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAIV) from the goose/Guangdong/1996 clade H5 lineage spread from Asia into North America in 2014, most likely by wild bird migrations. Although several variants of the virus were detected, H5N8 and H5N2 were the most widespre...


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