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作者:Christophe Cruz , Cyril Van , Laurent Gautier
来源:[J].Open Journal of Web Technologies, 2018, Vol.5 (1), pp.23-30RonPub UG出版社
摘要:This vision paper proposes an approach to use the most advanced word embeddings techniques to bridge the gap between the discourses of experts and non-experts and more specifically the terminologies used by the twocommunities. Word embeddings makes it possible to find equivalent ...
作者:Sven Groppe , Christophe Cruz
来源:[J].Open Journal of Web Technologies, 2018, Vol.5 (1), pp.1-5RonPub UG出版社
摘要:The first Web Data Processing & Reasoning (WDPAR) workshop in conjunction with the 41st German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI) taking place in Berlin, Germany in 2018 is a forum for all researchers especially interested in processing of and reasoning on web data. The p...
作者:Christophe Cruz , Aurélie Bertaux
来源:[J].Open Journal of Semantic Web, 2016, Vol.3 (1), pp.1-15RonPub UG出版社
摘要:Extracting valuable data among large volumes of data is one of the main challenges in Big Data. In this paper, a Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification process called Semantic HMC is presented. This process aims to extract valuable data from very large data sources, by automatic...


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