SAVAP International
作者:Chijioke Jonathan Olelewe , C. Augustina Nzeadibe , C. Thaddeus Nzeadibe
来源:[J].Educational Research International, 2014, Vol.3 (1)SAVAP International
摘要:This paper is focused on the availability and utilization of educational resources in selected rural communities in Enugu State: Implication for actualization of millennium development goal No2 in Nigeria. The study was guided by three research questions formulated in line with t...
作者:Chijioke Jonathan Olelewe , Nwala Ugwunna E.
来源:[J].Educational Research International, 2014, Vol.3 (2)SAVAP International
摘要:The introduction of cashless economy policy in Nigeria since April 2012 aimed at stimulating economic development and modernization of the Nigerian payment system in line with vision 2020, reduce the cost of banking services and drive financial inclusion by providing more ef...


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