作者:Carlos Martínez Valle
来源:[J].John Dewey’s Reception and Influence in Europe and America, 2016, Vol.3 (2), pp.157-181FahrenHouse
摘要:The article analyses the evolution of the uses of Dewey’s name and ideas by the educational establishment of the Franco dictatorship (1939–1975). Although classics, during that period Dewey’s works no longer fashionable. Indeed, there were radical differences between De...
作者:Carlos Martínez Valle
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.95-118FahrenHouse
摘要:The article explores the conditions of possibility and political and educational uses of the reception of Paul Gerhard Natorp between 1906 and 1916 by his Spanish students. The article analyzes the ideas that were rejected in possible intellectual alternatives such as John D...


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